‘Save Your Tears’ song is a DIG at his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid by The Weeknd???


Fans are persuaded that The Weeknd’s new single ‘Save Your Tears’ is a burrow at his ex and supermodel Bella Hadid. Peruse more to think about his story.

‘Save Your Tears’ song is a dig at his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid by The Weeknd???

Fans were stunned by The Weeknd’s new music video ‘Save Your Tears’, which includes the R&B vocalist clearly brandishing extraordinary plastic medical procedure accepted by his fans as a punch to his celebrated ex, supermodel Bella Hadid. In The Weeknd’s Save Your Tears, he sings, ‘I saw you moving in a jam-packed room/You look so cheerful when I’m not with you/But rather then you saw me, gotten you off guard A solitary tear tumbling from your eye.’

In The Weeknd’s Save Your Tears, the artist is appeared with his face intensely modified clearly by a plastic medical procedure, nearly looking like his cartoon. He is seen brandishing a red silver dabbed suit and cutting in a faintly lit dance hall where all the visitors are wearing what seems, by all accounts, to be Venetian covers, which have been highlighted conspicuously in motion pictures like Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut (1999).

The vocalist at that point swaggers around the assembly hall singing the verses, “You could’ve asked me for what reason I made you extremely upset. You could’ve revealed to me that you self-destructed/But you strolled past me like I wasn’t there/And just imagined as you couldn’t have cared less”. Fans have accepted this as an exacting hit to his long-remaining past relationship with supermodel Bella Hadid, who has been at times savaged for her “plastic medical procedure” looks which she likewise has excused.

‘Save Your Tears’ song is a dig at his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid by The Weeknd???

Some different fans however are likewise accepting this tune as an allegory for his concise 10-month relationship with Selena Gomez, where the two of them dated for around 10 months. As indicated by Elle Magazine, in light of the supposed plastic medical procedure remarks about Bella Hadid, her mom Yolanda Hadid expressed that her youngsters could do nothing like this to their bodies and that ‘they know better’ from her own encounters.