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Jason Derulo is in Trouble for not Giving Due Credit to BTS! Know the Full Story Below

Who doesn’t knows the popular BTS Army? They are so popular that they even have to pay tax for being so. Yes, it’s strange but true. And now the army is back in news. So what are you still waiting for? Let’s know what’s the new issue with our favourite band group.

This time the news about the BTS Army also includes Singer Jason Derulo. Well, singer Jason Derulo recently celebrated the success of Savage Love remix because it has hit the top 100 HOT and this has lead the singer into a big trouble. Jason included all his friends in the celebration but didn’t give credits to BTS for the achievement. Surprising, isn’t it?

It was surprising for us to see “#JasonDeruloIsOverParty” trending on Twitter. The hashtag and the singer’s name was among the top trending hashtags on Twitter. When we further investigated about what actually happened it made us speechless.

Credit: Instagram/@bts.bighitofficial

Few days earlier Jason disclosed on tiktok that he was celebrating the fact that savage love remix has been ranked in the top 100 Hot chart of the Billboard. In the last 11 years it’s the first time Jason’s numero uno song has been in the list. Before this the singer got his song Whatcha Say ranked in the list in 2009.

The singer shared a video on tiktok which consisted of clips of the night when he and his friends were eating, drinking and celebrating the success of the song. And the strange thing is that he tagged all his friends and people associated with the song except the BTS. Didn’t you find it really odd?

This infuriated the fans and they started abusing Jason for his deed. However, he tried to normalise the situation by further tagging the BTS and writing that he feels sad that they couldn’t be there in the celebration.

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