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Demi Lovato joins All Time Low and Blackbear for a new version of their single, “Monsters”

The song was released on December 4

Christmas is nearing, and it’s the time for all to get together. This year’s will be a bit different however, since most get togethers have to be done virtually. Demi Lovato has had a get together already with her longtime friends All Time Low and the group had worked on a remixed version of their Wake Up, Sunshine single “Monsters.”

The song dropped on December 4, and has an updated animated lyric video as well.

A surprising collaboration


Aside from Lovato, the song also features Blackbear and is a crunchy pop-punk song. Lovato joins the song’s chorus mid-way, and powers up the song a great deal. She also tweeted about this surprising collaboration, saying that it feels like she had known All Time Low forever and how it’s “dope” to have a song with Blackbear as well.

In a statement, All Time Low lead singer Alex Gaskarth also said that Demi had been a friend for a long time and they were very excited to have her lend her incredible voice for their remastered song and how it helped connect with their fans worldwide.

Meanwhile, the song’s original version won the band their first ever No. 1 at radio when it was at the top of the Modern Rock chart for 11 weeks. Also, All Time Low will be returning to their Basement Noise Concert Series, which is a five-night streaming event that was filmed in Nashville in July and started on October 9. The band members have all taken turns in curating every show’s setlist, and Friday’s has been picked by Gaskarth.

Check out the new version of “Monsters” with Lovato and BlackBear’s magic on YouTube and all music streaming platforms.

(Cover: Amber Asaly)

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