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Carrie Underwood’s 5-year-old Son takes his first step towards a singing career with his mom’s upcoming album! Check it out.

Carrie’s son Isaiah will be singing in her upcoming Christmas album called ‘My Gift’

Carrie Underwood made her music debut in 2005, after winning the fourth season of American Idol, and 15 years later, her five-year-old son Isaiah will be making his. Isaiah will be collaborating with his mom for a song from her upcoming Christmas album, My Gift. It will be releasing soon on HBO Max.

The song

The song Isaiah will be singing on is the classic Little Drummer Boy, and during a virtual interview on Thursday’s Today show, Underwood spoke about why she had him sing that song.

The singer said that the song gives a vibe very similar to her son, and as a result always thinks of him while hearing it. She said that the five-year-old is the kind of kid who will make something for someone solely because they want to gift it and a similar concept runs through Little Drummer Boy. The song is about a boy who brings whatever he has for Jesus, which is why she decided to name the album My Gift. 

During the interview, she also said that she was “the proudest mom in the world.” She spoke about working with her son as well, and said that Isaiah is “so expressive” and his sweet voice made her both laugh and cry.

Underwood is married to former professional ice hockey player Mike Fisher, after meeting him backstage during one of her concerts in 2008. They celebrated their 10th anniversary on July 10, 2020. They are parents to Isaiah and his younger brother Jacob, who was born in January 2019.

Underwood shared in Instagram that John Legend will also be featuring on one song in the album.


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