Sony’s Upcoming Movie Morbius Teases Some Deep Connection With The Spider-Man Movie Franchise!

Sony Pictures have a high year ending gift for fans as Jaret Leto starrer movie Morbius is here with a trailer! While the upcoming movie has been creating tons of buzz around given the unconventional plotline, we are about to find out more about it.

Morbius Brings Home Troubled Scientist Dr.Michael Morbius!

Jared Leto who was a part of the Suicide Squad as the notorious Joker is now returning into the world of the superhero as the troubled scientist Dr Michael Morbius who in an attempt to find the sure of a rare blood disease ends up getting himself and turning into a superhuman creature of the night.

While there is no connection with any of the earlier movies, fans were surprised to see Michael Keaton returning in Morbius who earlier played the role of Vulture in Spiderman Homecoming! While recently opening up about the movie, lead star Jared Leto describes the film as part of an expanding universe. Take a look at this special message given by the elating star as he teases some big surprises in the movie.

The Movie Has Been Pushed For A Later Release On March, 2021!

While we are not sure about connections with any of Sony’s earlier movies, a till from the trailer of a poster of Spiderman and Michael Keaton’s appearance might be hinting towards a cameo or an interesting crossover. None of the actors have made any such confirmation yet.


We will get an answer once the movie hits the big screens in March 2021. Director Daniel Espinosa brings home another antihero in the universe! Here’s the official trailer of Morbius, prepare for something like never before as the antihero is soon coming this new year.