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Billy Crudup exits from The Flash movie, Barry’s mother gets casted

Barry’s mother Nora Allen will be played by Spanish star Maribel Verdú

DC’s The Flash movie has lost Billy Crudup as Henry Allen, but casted Spanish actor Maribel Verdú to play Barry’s mother Nora. The solo movie starring Ezra Miller had been in development at Warner Bros. since 2017, and after gaining and losing multiple directors, locked on It director Andy Muschietti and Bumblebee  writer Christina Hodson.

Other production details

Warner Bros.

Before production kicks off this summer, the studios have been busy finding the cast. It was reported recently that Kiersey Clemons will be returning as Barry’s love interest Iris West. Her role was cut from the theatrical version of Justice League, but she will be seen in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Muschietti also announced that Supergirl will be making an appearance in The Flash, and has casted Sasha Calle as Clark Kent’s Kryptonian cousin. But that’s not all, for Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will be returning as Batman. Keaton’s Batman will appear through the Multiverse.

The new casting will be bringing some changes to Barry’s personal life. It was reported by The Hollywood Reporter that Crudup had to exit due to scheduling conflicts with Apple+’s The Morning Show. The studio might recast the role, if they plan to show Henry Allen again.

The Flashpoint storyline

Warner Bros.

While fans are disappointed that Crudup won’t be returning, it’s still great to know that Nora Allen will be making an appearance in the movie, since she is the one who kick-starts the Flashpoint Paradox. The story revolves around Barry messing up the whole timeline to prevent his mother from dying. A major player in the story is Reverse Flash, Barry’s biggest rival, and we might be hearing an announcement regarding the actor’s casting.

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