Steins;Gate: Publisher Udon announces a hardcover omnibus and a sequel

Steins;Gate 0 will be arriving as a series this fall and a special hardcover of the previous volumes will also arrive

Udon Entertainment made an announcement that Steins;Gate 0 will get it’s English version manga this fall. They are also planning to release the original three volumes alongside.

The manga, created by Yomi Sarachi will be arriving on October 21 in a special hardcover edition. The local supplier will be Barnes and Noble. All three volumes will contain a total of 500 pages, and a new artwork by Sarachi and a fold-out poster of the series’ heroine, Makise Kurisu.

The first manga came out in 2009, and as per Udon, was completely sold out and out of print, but new ones are being made, and a soft-cover version will be arriving in the spring of 2022.

The story and history


The manga and anime were massive hits, and the characters and stories went on to receive cult status. Steins;Gate 0 came out as a pseudo-sequel, since even though the characters were same, the timelines and events were different.The sequel, written by Taka Himeno was released on September 7 by Udon. Additionally, there will be special editions that will feature new cover art and will contain posters of the main characters.

The origin of Steins;Gate


The story didn’t begin as a manga series. It was originally a visual novel game made by Japanese developers 5pb and Nitroplus. Players played as the protagonist Okabe Rintaro, the self-proclaimed mad scientist who is experimenting with time travel. Okabe possessed a strange ability called the Reading Steiner which allowed him to understand changes happening in different timelines. Okabe has a team of scientists, but only he’s able to percieve changes in time.

The game became the successful anime series in 2011, and Steins;Gate 0 came out in 2018. It was made by Studio White Fox, also known for making animes like Re:Zero and The Devil is a Part-Timer.