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Want to build more muscle and become fit? Here’s what you need to know about how long it takes to do so.

Muscles can’t be built just by lifting weights

Building muscle is no joke. It is a long, slow and painful process that really tests our patience. And it’s easy for you to lose focus if you’re expecting quick results. Reason for being so slow? Well, your muscles contain thousands of tiny fibers and when you do weight-related exercises, it tears and your body starts replacing them with stronger fibers.

Still, how long does it take?

There is no particular muscle-building period, because a lot of factors affect it.

First comes how much protein you use. Protein is required for your muscles to repair their broken fibres. The lesser the protein intake, the more time it needs.

Then comes your sleep schedule. While gains happen over a period of time, it’s always adviced to not work out while sleep deprived as you’re not giving your body a chance to recover.

Next is your lifting routine. Make sure to keep these two factors in mind: the frequency and volume. Frequency refers to how often you train a muscle group and volume refers to the total weight you stress a muscle with.

Don’t forget, your age also plays an important factor. As you grow older, building muscles become harder. This is why you should stay active even when you get older.

Then comes your genetic potential for building muscles (which requires lab testing and isn’t always reliable), and your testosterone levels, which is why men have more muscle than women. The growth hormones and insulin growth are also important factors.

In conclusion, the moment you start challenging your muscles, muscle-building occurs. People who start a regime and stick to it religiously will see progress within six weeks, and those who are looking to change their ongoing regimen, like increasing weights, will see changes in six to eight weeks. As said earlier, building muscles takes time, efforts and dedication. You should also remember that while working out, you are more prone to injuries including muscles cramp, muscles damage, fatigue and more. So, it’s better to take care of them before they occur. Do not forget to massage your body with a percussion massager post every workout. A massager like Exogun DreamPro boosts circulation, releases energy and revives muscles so you can recover faster and live better. This deep tissue massager will boost your muscle function and recovery after every workout. Used by the pros, Exogun delivers the ultimate recovery!


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