It’s all about flaunting your real beauty in the latest no makeup selfie challenge! Check it out.

By 2 weeks ago

A chance for one to be comfortable in their own skin

While women have been posting selfies of themselves in their natural beauty without using any makeup, it didn’t get enough traction until now. It’s not surprising anymore about how women have been trained since childhood to look ‘good’ or ‘presentable’.

Many a times, when we see movies or read books of old periods, we see women retracting from parties and other events to ‘powder their noses’. It came to a point where women wouldn’t leave the house until they put a whole layer of makeup and preferred not to show their real faces to as much people as possible.

Let your face breathe

The no makeup selfie trend is mainly aimed at self love. And sometimes, while it’s not easy for most to admit, it’s true however that some people won’t find the courage to comfortably post pictures of themselves sans makeup, unless a celebrity does it first. Even then most will go, “Oh she looks so good, why does she even need makeup”.

Such people should understand the true meaning of self-love, and that it comes only when you learn to accept yourself, and not be bothered by what others say. They should know that going out all dolled up, with a hardly recognizable face, or editing out your photos to appear slimmer is similar to living a lie.

And do not forget, going makeup free is also healthy for your skin. Your pores will get a chance to breath without makeup covering it like how hair clogs a shower drain. As for psychological effects, it gives a huge boost to your confidence and self-esteem. You no longer have to worry about impressing people otherwise. Simply, don’t give a damn.

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