How to Use a Person Lookup Service and Get the Most from It

Maybe you didn’t know this yet, but person lookup services exist. You can look at different websites that offer this service. Ideally, you want a free one, since some charge money.

Once you locate one you like, you can use it in many different ways. For instance, you might put in a person’s name if you’re thinking about dating them, but you know virtually nothing about them other than what they told you on social media. Perhaps you’re a company owner or hiring manager, and you’re trying to find out about a person who you’re thinking about hiring for a position in your organization.

Whatever reason you have to use these services, you can take certain actions to get the most out of them. We will talk about those in detail right now.


Use the Person’s Full Legal Name

Person search websites usually utilize public records. That’s how they tell you as much about a specific individual as possible. It might surprise you just what you can find by looking through public records.

You can find out a person’s marital status. You can find out about their criminal record. You can learn whether they’ve had any DUIs or whether they graduated from the high school or university they claimed.

The whole process starts, though, if you can learn the person’s full legal name. If you type in the person’s first name, you’ll find nothing, unless that person has an extraordinarily unusual name, and the site only comes up with one match.

Knowing their first and last name, you should have much better luck with one of these tools. They’re just search engines with algorithms, similar to Google or any similar entity. The program will work to your advantage if you get the person’s first and last name and spell them correctly.

If you can get a middle name and put that in too, assuming this person has one, you should do even better. Again, you’re trying to get a precise result regarding a single person, so the more information you can give the algorithm about this individual’s full legal name, the more you should uncover.

Put in the Person’s Address

You might also know this person’s physical address. Maybe you visited them once or twice, so you know whether they live in an apartment, house, condo, etc. Put in that information, and the free person search website should give you more.

For example, if you put in that address, you can probably find out when that person moved in. If they own the house, you can find out whether they owe back taxes on it. That’s public record as well. You can learn whether the bank is about to foreclose on them or whether anyone has an existing lien on the property.

You can find out whether that person rents or owns. If you want to learn more about them, their address can reveal quite a lot.


Put in Their Social Media Account Information

You may also know about active social media accounts that this person uses. Many of the free person lookup services that exist now allow you to put in that information.

The service might find out information about that person’s social media accounts. It may also locate old social media accounts connected to that person’s name that they no longer use. 

Many people stop using social media accounts, but they never bother deleting them. Some don’t even take the time to make them private.

You might find out a lot about this person through their social media accounts. Maybe you’ll learn about their political leanings or their family. People sometimes say or post things on social media they won’t express in mixed company. You might want to know what a person’s willing to say in cyberspace.


How Else Can You Best Utilize Free Person Lookup Sites?

We’ve talked about putting in a person’s full name, former or current home address, and their social media account info when you use a free person lookup tool. The more info you have about that person, though, the more you can put into one of these sites.

Some allow you to put in a person’s old or current phone number, their current or former job information, etc. If you’d like to get the most from these search engines, try to find out as much about this person as possible. Then, the site can give you back even more.