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Latest Updates about Arthdal Chronicles Season 2!!! Release Date, Cast, Plot, and many exciting facts!!!

Credits: The Korea Herald

‘Arthdal Chronicles’ to arrive on the screens again. The fans will be able to see their favorites starring again in the upcoming season as the K-Drama is renewed for season 2. Though the production unit has zipped their mouths but sooner or later things will be divulged about the upcoming season. It is for sure, the pandemic that has immensely quaked the balance of the entire world would have affected the making of season 2 of ‘Arthdal Chronicles’. Check out the blog post to know all about Arthdal Chronicles Season 2!!!

Update: “Arthdal Chronicles” Confirmed To Start Production On 2nd Season This Year | Soompi

Arthdal Chronicles:

The K-drama landed on the screens in 2019 in the month of June. The first season of the series had 18 episodes in total.

Set in the ancient lands of Arthdal the series starred the famous stars, Song-Joong-Ki, Kim Ji-won, Kim Ok-Vin, Jang Dong-gun, and many others.

After the release of the series, it got an impressive success across South Korea. The series also gained success internationally even after receiving a mixed review.

The intriguing and fascinating storyline and setting of the series lured the viewers and they are ardently waiting for the second season to hit on the screens.

Let’s divulge into the post deeper to know about season 2 of the series.

All we know about Season 2 of Arthdal Chronicles:

The production crew has tightly zipped up their lips in order to conceal the mysteries of Season two making the fans crave for even a small pinch of information.

Even though the crew has shut their mouths, we definitely know that the pandemic would have affected the series immensely just as it did to other shows and films. Perhaps, we should not expect them to open their mouths any sooner.

Release Date:

However, if we do speculations and scrutinize the things, we may expect the series to hit the screens after late 2022. Perhaps if God listens to your fans’ prayers these speculations might get wrong and the show makers surprise you with the series to arrive sooner.


As we have already informed the show makers are quiet regarding season 2 so there is not any specific information regarding the cast in the upcoming series. But we might not be entirely wrong if we assume that the stars we saw in Season 1 can come back to reprise their roles.

Netflix: What We Know About Arthdal Chronicles Season 2

Let’s wait for further information to be released by the production crew.