K-Pop Senation ‘Irene’ from Red Velvet Apologized for her Behaviour. Full Story Inside

Many people are there behind the screens of the entertainment industry and its products. There are several instances where the people that are made to be behind the screen and ensure a good outcome of the products that the entertainment industry wants to carry to the public instead of making their lives easier and sorted indulge in the reasons behind their negative fame. More controversies than discussions about their work take place due to times that cause distress between the famous personality and those working for them.

Red Velvet's Irene Apologizes After Accusations About Her Behavior | Soompi
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Hollywood has been the home to talent as well as those who are in the industry to help others out by doing charity, etc. many years into this industry, and yet they make mistakes, either knowingly or unknowingly. Whatever be the result, the outcome is not as good and positive as we had expected it to be. K-Pop is an integral part of the entertainment industry due to the songs and the personalities that are the talk of the town these days. Everyone has seen to be inculcating their styles and actions, their way of singing it be or their way of dressing, everything seems to be falling in the minds of the people like a shadow behind them.

What has made the news in the world of K-Pop?

K-Pop Star Irene Apologizes After Verbally Attacking Fashion Editor - E! Online - AP
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The group of girls in the industry of K-Pop is named Red Velvet and is a famous group.  Irene has recently issued a formal apology for the chain of events that took place. The editor-stylist of the magazine became the victim of the singer’s anger on public platforms. The eventuality was deeply embarrassing for the victim and was deeply regretted by them as well. However, whatever be the outcome, we know that the event was distressful and should not be repeated again. She did so after there was anger against her on social media platforms.