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Jung Ji-hoon aka Rain talk about his wife Kim Tae Hee and sudden meet with Jim Kook at the Gym

Courtesy: Twitter

Jung Ji-hoon who is mostly know with his stage name made an appearance as a guest in latest episode of “My Duckling”. The 38 year old singer, song writer, actor and music producer opened about his married life and much more. He was enjoying the reality show and after watching footage of the cast from the studio he also discussed about his life with his wife. Jung is active form more than 22 years in South Korean industry.

The “It’s Raining” star’s chit chats at “My Duckling” was a whole new level of sarcasm and jokes.

From cooking to cleaning at home Rain was very curious to tell everything on the shows

When Jung was asked whether he help Tae around the house he said that he try to do most of his things without her help. Here Rain added a pinch of  sarcasm and made everyone laugh out loud. He said that, this is the reason that he is less scolded compared to other husbands. Jung further said that he cooks for himself and prefer full serving.

The singer also said that he asks her in advance “Do you want to eat?” and if the answer is no then h cooks for himself and eats. But when host Seo Jang Hoon asked him what if Tae changes her mind and wants to eat some? Then Rain replied with a no. He said those are the rules of our household and he won’t allow her to eat his food then.

Rain also talked about accidently running in to Kim Jong Kook who is cast member of the show at the gym. He said that when everything around the gym is silent and quite there is Kim making loud noises while exercising.