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Another Star for Starship as they Prepare to Launch a New Girl Band along with Jang Won Young & An Yu-Jin

Are we ready for a new girl group?

The starship entertainment group is planning to shine bright again. The company recently revealed their plans to launch a new girl band.

Starship entertainment launched on January 28 2008 and is a subsidiary of the Kakao entertainment company. It deals in the K-pop genre and its headquarters are located in  Seoul ,South Korea.

The girl group is aiming to launch in the second half of the year 2021. Although they will try to achieve their target it might be later than that said the company. The group will reportedly have five members.

Another key piece of information is that the name of the girl group is still in the works and has not been decided yet. The concept and theme of the band are still undecided too.

IZ*ONE members

credit : Jang WonYoung | Instagram

According to reports by Star-News , the new girl band may hit the Nostalgia button for fans of IZ* ONE. Former IZ*One band members Jang Won Young and An Yu-jin will also be making their debut again with the new girl group.

While it is not confirmed sources say,other members will of the band will be composed of Teenage girls who have been training with starship entertainment.

A starship entertainment representative confirmed the exciting news to the YTN  and asked for cooperation and understanding from the fans while they finalise the details.

When asked about the rumours of  An Yu-jin and Jang Won Young and if they were true, the starship entertainment refused to comment on the same.

IZ*ONE just disbanded recently in the April of 2021 , could the rumours be a new lease of hope to the IZ*ONE fans? We’ll just have to wait and find out.

credit : official_izone

Both the pop stars hold other records as well. Jang Wong Young placed No.1 on a survival show. While An Yu-jin  got the number five position , on Produce 48. Both the stars made their first debut together and hopefully will make the second one together too.

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