Where is Seth Rogen now? Read about his early life, career, net worth and much more.

Check out the net worth of one of Hollywood’s biggest comedians

Seth Rogen is a Canadian actor and director. He was first noted for his hilarious performance in the 2005 movie, The 40-Year Old Virgin. From there, he got to act in more humorous roles and has come a long way from his stand up comedy days.


He realised that his true love is making others laugh, and became a career comedian. And currently, his net worth is approximately $55 million.

Life and Career

Rogen was born on 15 April, 1982 in Vancouver, Canada. Right from his student days, he was interested in comedy. He came to be known as the “funny kid” and joined a comedy workshop taught by Mark Pooley at the age of 12. He started doing stand-up when he was a teen.


Director Judd Apatow discovered his talent and got him a role in the 1999 comedy-drama series Freaks and Geeks. Then he got to act in Undeclared and Donnie Darko which performed well in the box office. Then came movies such as the 40-Year Old Virgin, and 2007’s Knocked Up where he got to play the lead role. He co-wrote and co-produced Superbad, based on a script he wrote as a teenager. It received more success than he intended.


He has found his own circle of actors known for their comedic roles such as James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson and Danny McBride with whom he had made some hit movies. In 2013 he co-directed a disaster comedy movie called This is the End which starred himself and his friends acting as themselves. They also starred together in the R-Rated animated movie Sasuage Party. In 2014 he starred in Bad Neighbours alongside Zac Efron which became one of his biggest hits.


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