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We Can be Heroes: Another Superhero Movie on the Blog as Netflix comes with Another Superhero Adventure

We can be heroes is an American superhero movie which is all set to roll out for the audience. Previously, the movie was set to release on 1st of January, 2020. But as all we know that 2020 have decided different fate for everyone, the movie was too postponed for future. Finally, the movie will be released on 25th December, 2020 on Christmas. The movie is suppose to release on Netflix. With the announcement of its fresh release, the posters of the movie is all over there on the Netflix.

Everything right from the casting to direction everything in the movie is perfect. Lets review more details of the movie.

What is the possible synopsis of “We Can be Heroes”?

Sharkboy and Lavagirl are now grown ups and lives away from earth. Years after when aliens invade earth and defeat the super heroes there ad kidnap them, Lavagirl and Sharkboy come forward to help them. They teach the children of kidnapped superheroes that they can be super heroes too.

Well the plot of the movie does seems like it is quite engaging.

Team of “We Can Be Heroes”

Robert Rodriguez is director, producer and writer of the movie. In fact, he is also the cinematographer of the movie. The cast of the movie is really great and it includes big names. The movie stars Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Pedro Pascal, Yaya Gosselin, Vivien Lyra Blair, Christian Slater, Taylor Dooley and many more. Chopra was starred in Baywatch, Vivien is known for Bird Box and Pascal is known for Game of Thrones.

The expectations from the movie is high not only because of the casting but also because of its cinematography too. The shooting was done in Texas so again high expectations from Robert.

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