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The New Mutants is making an entry to the theaters this weekend! Are you guys ready?

Is it a good idea to release a movie in the middle of the pandemic?

The X-Men movie The New Mutants had been in the news for many years now. It was first announced in 2015, and was filmed in 2017. The original release date was supposed to be 2018 but after facing multiple delays, it’s finally releasing – smack in the middle of the pandemic. But is it really wise to release the movie at this time, since many theatres are still closed?

Why did the movie face so many hurdles?

When the movie was announced, the X-Men franchise was riding high after the release of Days of Future Past, and they had X-Men Apocalypse and Deadpool in the pipeline. With Apocalypse, they were planning to introduce a set of new mutants, and this movie seemed like a good idea for them to enter the teen-horror area of the X-Men universe.

As for who the new mutants are, they’re a set of young mutants who are at a hospital/ prison instead of Professor Xavier’s school, and they’re battling an evil doctor while coming into terms with their own mutant abilities.

The reason the movie got delayed so much pre-virus was because the director Josh Boone had trouble with the Fox executives in regards to the script. This took a lot of time, and by that time the Disney-Fox merger happened, and more reshoots were supposed to happen. Finally it was supposed to be released on April 3 but then the coronavirus hit.

If you have noticed, there are not much reviews coming in. That’s because Disney decided not to screen it at all for the critics. Normally, when a studio decides to do this, it means the movie is quite bad. Those are putting reviews after watching the movie are saying the same thing. It’s underwhelming and not worth the long wait.


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