MCU Receiving Severe Flak! Veteran Directors’ Favourite Topic for Criticism and Mocking

The superhero franchise is getting heavily criticized for being repetitive and limiting creative freedom

Marvel Studios revolutionized Hollywood in the last decade with their superhero films that all exist within a single universe. But it’s been facing criticism from ace directors like Martin Scorcese, Denis Villeneuve, and Ken Loach. This not only alienates the fanbases, but is a direct insult for all the directors and crew who worked in the films as well.

Is it simply because they didn’t like what they see? Or is there more?

Behind the scenes

Martin Scorcese and Denis Vlleneuve
Philip Montgomery for The New York Times/ Warner Bros.

Superhero movies always earned more at the box office than everything else. It didn’t matter if your movie won an Oscar, it won’t provide the same entertainment as heroes fighting villains with some major special effects throughout. The MCU so far made a staggering $22.93 billion, with 2019’s Avengers: Endgame earning $2.3 billion globally.

Every Marvel movie had similar elements, I’ll admit. They were humour, action, special effects, and inspiration.

Dune director Denis Villaneuve says that things are repetitive in these movies. Of course, when someone of their standard say it, we have to take them seriously. But after closer inspection, we can see that most of it is invalid.

Martin Scorcese, for example called the movies “Theme Parks,” and says he will never watch an MCU movie. As brilliant as his career is, how can a rational person take this comment seriously when the person didn’t even bother to watch the films?

Why it’s ahead of the DCEU

MCU Receiving Abundant Flak! Veteran Directors' Favourite Topic for Criticism and Mocking
Marvel Studios

The directors can easily dismiss MCU movies by saying they make these films with the same formula. But we can see that every movie puts together different ideals, that ultimately combines when the heroes join forces. Each story is like a side mission, that finally shows its significance when we meet the final boss.

The MCU is considered as a cash grab, that’s based on fan loyalty and pre-written material. But then, why did they become more successful than the DCEU? The DCEU’s struggles prove that just bringing a lot of heroes together isn’t the answer. I loved Zack Snyder’s movies, but I had to re-watch them to understand the whole picture, and I still wish that he made a few additional movies before Batman V Superman. Marvel gives every character justice before adding them to a joint film.

In conclusion, these movies are unique, and entertaining throughout. These ace directors should understand that just because they’re different from the kind they’re used to, doesn’t make them failures.

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