Justice League 2: Zack Snyder reveals if Ben Affleck will return as Batman! Here is every detail you need to know.

Fans are eagerly waiting for Affleck’s return following the news of Justice League’s Snyder Cut announcement

There were many who found Ben Affleck’s portrayal of the Dark Knight not so Batman-ish. He killed, used guns and explosives in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and became a joke in Justice League as WB interfered too much in the production and even fired Zack Snyder from the director’s chair.


Even Affleck said that following the Justice League disaster, he lost the will to play the role again. The movie he was set to direct and act in, was given to Matt Reeves to direct and Robert Pattinson to play, and will be set out of the DCEU in a separate timeline.

What will happen next?


Fans had long been campaigning for Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League that everyone was certain wouldn’t look like a cheap version of The Avengers and would be longer and darker. Recently, it had been announced that the movie will be released in HBO Max next year, and was received with much support from the fans. A 17 second clip from the movie showing an ancient painting of the main villain Darkseid was also shown, and it seemed better than the entire 2017 movie.


Affleck has been vocal on the Snyder Cut and thanked the fans for making it happen. He was happy as the rest of the cast for seeing Zack’s vision coming to life. But it still remains if he will be back to play the role in DCEU’s future movies. Affleck said that he won’t be returning for the role before Snyder’s cut was announced. So it’s possible that he might return once again. Recently reports are stating that he had signed a new deal with WB to play Batman once again, but we will wait for official sources to confirm the news.


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