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Is Angelina Jolie trying to defend Brad Pitt in their ongoing divorce battle? Here’s why we think so.

Is Angelina Jolie really covering for Brad Pitt in the middle of their messy legal battle?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had been in the news many times over this quarantine period, adding to the long list of times they were discussed about in the middle of their bitter court battle for custody. Recently, Jolie was called out for seemingly dragging out their court hearing by requesting to change the judge.

Brad’s team called this a game she was playing, saying that she already spends more time with the children than Brad does. Sources close to them say that while the kids are still the top priority for Jolie, she still harbours a “love-hate” feeling for Brad.

The Skeletons

Some sources are saying that Jolie is trying to maintain Pitt’s “good guy” image amidst all this. But in this process, she is hurting her own reputation. A person who worked with both of them when they were a couple stated, “I’m not saying she’s perfect, or the sanest person around. But he wore the pants in the relationship….he’s much tougher than he lets on. That boyish, good guy image is just an image.”

The pattern that Jolie is doing of dragging things out and not ready to leave him is something that other people in Brad’s past has done as well. Pitt is still engaged in a legal battle with lighting designer Odile Soudant who was asked to do a multimillion-dollar design at Chateau Miraval, but after she worked on it for four years, Pitt cancelled the project without explaining, and didn’t pay her as well, thereby bankrupting her.

Pitt is also being sued by Rev. Charles Duplessis after Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation built more than 120 low-cost homes for residents struck by Hurricane Katarina, but some of them collapsed or were filled with mold. He said that Pitt abandoned the people and have been ducking all accusations thrown at him since 2018.



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