Haunting of Bly Manor: The first episode may have left clues of season 3 of the series.


The Haunting of Bly Manor is an American Gothic romance and horror streaming Netflix series. It was released after two years of the release of “The Haunting Hill”. Moreover, “The Haunting of Bly Manor” is second series in the haunting anthology. But there is not such relation between the two series however the cast of both the season is little bit same.

As for now, a theory related to “The Haunting of Bly Manor” series’ first episode is in trending. many says that the first episode of the series has left a clue for season 3.

Courtesy: Medium

The theme of the series is love and the loss of the loved ones. That’s where the secrets are actually buried.

The plot of the series is very solely woovened. When Flora and her future husband was entertain their wedding guests around fire, they all discuss the facts of the ghost and castle. They also discuss that may be the ghost is a nun who was buried alive in grounds for breaking her vow of chastity. Justine Marie [the ghost of the castle] only haunts Lucy who is the main character. This is one of the major clue Flanagan hides which sort of hints at Bronte’s story.

Now in reference to the theme of the series which is love and loss of loved ones hides another clue. As the narrator Jamie tells Flora that you always end up with your loved ones after death. It shows that her wife Dani was always with him.

There is major possibility that Edgar Allan Poe would be the future of the series. So there are chances that season 3 may focus on storylines from Villette. Apparently, these are some of the subtle details from season 2 which will form the future of season 3.