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Get Ready For More Surprises As Green Goblin And The Sandman Might Soon Join The Upcoming Spider-Man Movie!

If you think the upcoming Spiderman movie is going to shock you, you are absolutely right! The third Tom Holland starrer Spiderman movie is planning not one but too many surprises for Marvel fanatics!

The Upcoming Spiderman Movie Is Going To Be An Exciting One With Too Many Additions!

After some superheroes are rumored to be coming back into the webbed wonder’s life, some new additions are also happening as well! Get ready for more as it has been recently reported that Alfred Molina will be returning as Doctor Octopus!

While there are strong rumors around the corner of both the previous Spidermen coming back on board to join Tom Holland,  The studio is planning to add on to this list as  Willem Dafoe and Thomas Haden Church are also expected to appear as Green Goblin and Sandman. These additions are making fans all the more excited as a lot is in store and we wonder how the plot will pan out.

The Sandman And Green Goblin Are Also Set To Appear In Spiderman3!

With all the three Spiderman on board, we wonder how they will deal with the current crisis of Peter Parker’s identity being out in the open as revealed by Mysterio, if he is, at all dead! With Mysterio’s trickery, even his return is highly speculated!

While Marvel’s Doctor Strange is already confirmed to be joining the Spider-Man movie world as Peter Parker’s mentor, rumours of some new additions are also doing the rounds including the one that states that the Daredevil might also make a cameo appearance as well! Even Electro’s appearance has been teased after Jamie Foxx’s accidental social media post that raised big questions amongst fans.

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