World Vegan Day: Why one should go Vegan? And what should you keep in mind if you’re planning to go all Vegan? Know it all here!!!

World Vegan Day is celebrated across everywhere on 1st November. Veganism can be defined as a way of living which exclude all form of animal exploitation whether for food, clothing or any other purpose. Vegan food exclude animal meat and eggs. The diet ensures ethical and environmental reasons and improves in a healthier life.

However, before turning vegan, it is very it is necessary to know certain things regarding this. According to a report vegans tend to be thinner and have a lower body mass index relative to non-vegans. That why more and more people are turning to vegan.

One should never be in a hurry and switch to the vegan journey. The person should slowly add plant-based food on his/her diet and should try to minimize eating non-vegan food. A drastic change in the food might push your body back because of the sudden change. This will help in smoother lifestyle change.

Many often we listen that skipping all sorts of animal-based products takes away a lot of essential nutrients from the body so if one is planning to go vegan, switch to supplements that won’t let you be deficient of these essential nutrients. One should always go through the brands of vegan food as all vegan foods are not well for eating and some are made artificially which are quite harmful to the body.