What is the similarity between Psychedelic ‘Trips’ and religious experiences?? These facts may surprise you.

A recent study about drugs showed that psychedelic drugs experiences can be both, negative and positive. While it can even be  uncomfortable and scary for others whereas, it can also lead to improvement in well being and relationship for some. And if taken in controlled doses it proves to treat mental disorders at minimum time.

So aren’t you wondering the logic behind the good and bad experiences? 288 people were questioned about their experiences with psychedelic drugs by a team of researchers. They got to know that if they have a mystical or religious experience of psychedelic, it may be of importance to them.

In addition, they also showed how LSD, psilocybin and other such drugs gives religious experiences. These researches also helped predict how these substances can be used for treatment. While it also showed that drugs cause the same sort of feelings or mood that occurs due to spiritual things.

Even if a person takes psychedelics for the first time he will have such powerful experience similar to religious practitioners, meditators or mystics. Moreover, researches also show that these experiences helps a person improve his relationship with himself, people around him and also with the natural environment.

The test of 288 people included asking them thirty questions in which they were supposed to quantify their feelings and sensations when they used psychedelics. In other terms the test is called MEQ30 or Revised Mystical Experiences Questionnaire. Which proved out to be a great help in finding the connection between spiritual and psychedelic. Further researches are still going on and there are still a lot of things to find out. But one thing is for sure that there is surely a connection between these two.