Walk Faster, Live Longer should be the new Mantra and research prove it to be true!!

It is in popular knowledge that a half an hour-long brisk walk every day is the minimum basic exercise every adult needs. Walking fast burns more calories and helps us stay fit. It improves our brain functioning and is the least we can do to shed some sweat. But walking fast now seems more important than ever!

New research reported by Medical News Today shows that people who are fast walkers enjoy a longer and healthier life. People who walk more slowly at the age of 45 have shown signs of faster aging along with other health problems, weaker lungs, unhealthy teeth, and poorer immune systems are. These were the physical impacts that slow steps put on us; however, there is also a relation between our pace and our mental health. Slow walkers usually display a lower brain volume, lesser surface area, and smaller lesions. Such people are also at risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease. 

What does research have to say?

What’s more interesting is that scientists can tell a person’s pace at the age of forty-five by looking at their brain activity at the age of 3, taking into consideration their IQ, ability to understand language, frustration tolerance, motor skills, and emotional control. The reason behind this may be that walking is an activity that requires the coordination of many organs and senses. That is why it was noted that people with a fast gait display better grip strength, balance, and hand-eye coordination, among other factors.

Another point of view through which this issue can be looked at is that burning more calories by walking fast will save one from the threat of obesity, which everybody knows is a source of many other health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes and so is a reason for a shorter life span. Looking at today’s world where there is a growing intake of unhealthy and fatty fast-food, it is high time to fight obesity.

Knowing all these benefits of walking fast, one should make it a habit moving fast because you lose nothing but will just gain a flat belly, sharper mind, and hopefully a longer life.