Veteran Celebrity, We lost Due to COVID-19. The Virus Does Gives Privilege To Anyone.


COVID-19 has been a devastating nightmare that we all talked about and watched in some sci-fi. This is no more fiction the plot of evil has occupied humans capability of mitigation. The Virus didn’t book from a particular sect, but yes for sure the privileged were this time on the wrong court. We have lost many Big celebrities due to this pandemic.

Veteran Jazz Singer and Saxophonist- Manu Dibango.

Manu Dibango, best known for his B-side hit “Soul Makossa” in 1972 died on March 24 due to severity of the coronavirus.

86 year old man passed away due to COVID-19, his Funeral was held in strictly private space in order to follow the guidelines and tribute to him would be paid later after all this is over.


Actor- Mark Blum

The actor is known for his best role in Desperately Seeking Susan, 1985 film with Madonna. He was 69 years old. The Mark was last seen in a small appearance in the Netflix series You as a Cameo. Many came forward to pay tribute to actor including his co-stars Madonna and Rosanna Arquette.


Joe Diffie – Country Singer.

The country singer made his fame in the industry from chart-topping songs like Home and Pickup Man. He was 61 when he died on 29th March due to COVID-19. Diffie was brave enough and was first to announce that he was suffering from this hazardous Virus.


Ken Shimura – Comedian.

Ken Shimura is a beloved Japanese comedian who died on 27th march a week after diagnosed from COVID – 19.  He was 70 years old. Shimura was known for his quick and witty humour. Ken was also indulged in a rally that was to take place in Tokyo Olympics 2020.


Alan Merrill- American Singer and Songwriter.

Alan Merrill is co-writer of the famous song ‘I Love Rock And Roll’. The senior singer left the world on March 29. Talking about his death, his daughter told media about how she was estranged from her father due to COVID-19. The world needs to be a concern from this death and learn a lesson from it.