Type 2 Diabetes: A strong association found between artificially sweetened beverages and diabetes factor!!

Diabetes is a medical condition in which it affects the way the body produces and regulates “insulin,” a hormone that regulates the blood sugar or glucose level — diabetes affecting people all over the world. From recent studies, researchers found a link between sweetened drinks or artificially sweetened drinks and diabetes factors and conclude that these drinks can play a role in increasing the risk of type 2 Diabetes.

Often, diabetic patients considered the artificially sweetened diet soft drinks as a better option to drink as they do not have a significant effect on blood sugar levels. The artificial sweeteners present in the drinks are:

As these sweeteners do not contain sugar, people with diabetes view them as a feasible alternative form of providing sweet flavor. However, it is not necessary that the absence of sugar or calories makes them better for a drink.

Researchers found the artificial sweeteners a reason for promoting health risks as they do not directly affect the blood sugar levels but imbalance the health of “good bacteria” present in the guts that ultimately affect insulin sensitivity and appetite hormones.

Although more studies need to be conducted to prove this strong association as other factors also play a concern role in increasing the risk factors of diabetes- researchers said.

The artificial sweeteners also contribute to the health risks that include: Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome. The high blood sugar level is a feature of diabetes, and therefore, it is important for a diabetic patient to avoid drinks that contain an excessive amount of sugar. Drinking too many sweetened drinks also contributes to obesity, which is a contributing factor in diabetes.

Alternative options for a diabetic patient to stop soda cravings:

  • Carbonated water with a splash of fruit juice as the combination is rich in nutrients and helps in rehydration of the body
  • Unsweetened tea
  • Iced unsweetened black tea
  • A small amount of caffeine as caffeine helps in controlling weight
  • Green tea.