The City Of Delhi has now became a living gas chamber , AQI has reached near to 1000 which is hazardous for residents

No sooner than Diwali went away, there is a sudden hike in the AQI level in Delhi.

People who reside there like me are well aware of how clean the air is!

The air in Delhi is lesser equivalent to what is ejected out from a gas chamber. Yes! We are breathing the air, which is nearly equivalent to smokes from the gas chamber.

The air quality in Delhi is way too much poor than the rest of the world. It has nearly touched 1000 while Megacities like Beijing still has the AQI below 90.

The difference is too high; not only this the cities of Kerala to have a much lower AQI than that of Delhi.

There are several ways to minimize the effects of this severe air pollution, one of which is staying at home as long as you could. Carry mask to cover your face.

But ironically, the N95 mask you use is not going to help in the long run.

The pores of the mask aren’t small enough to block the harmful particles which are very minute in size.  Also, to protect someone from harmful breathing, the mask should stay intact in one place, which is quite anxious and uncomfortable for some people.

The smokers should quit smoking as soon as possible because the air itself is injurious as the smoke itself. You don’t need additional cigars to smoke if you are in Delhi, this is sad but true.