“Tea” is tricky!! Checkout Why we shouldn’t consume Tea after having a Meal?

Tea…! The first word that comes to our mind after hearing “tea” is “refreshing.”As consumed by almost every third person of the population in different ways or at a different time and course. In this scenario where everyone is conscious about health, should aware of every aspect of each and everything we consume either it is positively or negatively.

Similarly, any tea (green tea, black tea or any other kind of tea) has its own benefits, but on the other side it has many disadvantages as the famous proverb states that “the coin has two faces.”

So, now, the question arises? What are those disadvantages, and how they affect our health? Why shouldn’t we consume tea after having a meal?

The answer to these questions is TANNIN, the phenolic substance present in the tea is the main reason behind this.TANNIN or we can say the MONSTER? yes, it behaves like a monster as the food we consume has its nutritional value and IRON is one of them which is very important for our body.

Iron plays a vital role and contributes to the growth and maintenance of the human body, but if we consume tea after a meal, the tannin absorbs the iron and removes it as a waste from the body. Which ultimately makes tannin a naturally occurring toxin.

But how can we prevent it, well, the simple answer to this question is by not have tea right after food. But, as there are other benefits to it, it can be taken as separately.