Skin Cancer and Food choice go hand in had! Check out what is best for you!!!

Skin Cancer or Melanoma, It’s something everyone wants to stay away from as much as possible. There is no way anyone of you wants to have darkened skin and moles everywhere running. So, those who are fighting against skin cancer or never want to have it, then go ahead and take a good look at it.

A good diet plan can be a really good start if you are willing to fight against this disease. So, here are some food items that you should add in your diet to avoid malicious melanoma.

First, You can give yourself a cup of coffee to get rid of this disease, as scientists revealed that those who drink cold-brew coffee are having a 25% lesser chance of getting this disease as it acts as a sunscreen to your skin cells and prevents them from turning cancerous.

Second, Try to have tomatoes more often, as it’s been proved that after having 1/4 cup of tomato sauce for straight 12 weeks, the victims were less affected by sunburn, and they also had no trouble to roam around on a sunny day.

Try to add some more Vitamin C in your life, as studies show that intake of 180 mg per day of this nutrient or about 2 cups of strawberries could improve the ability of your skin to resist UV rays by 37%.

And last but not the least, have Vitamin A on a daily basis as it reduces the risk of having skin cancer by 17%, and it also improves the overall quality of your skin, and not only that, but also you will enjoy good eyesight.

So, there you have it some of the best foods to opt to fight against skin cancer. Now, go on and let your friends and family members know how to get rid of this disease.