Scientists have found out New Range of Blood Tests that can effectively Help In the Treatment of Tuberculosis

A recent study has revealed that the current blood tests are not at all enough to completely rule out the possibility of TB in a patient again. A new series of blood tests have been found out which are much more precise and correct than the former.

According to the studies, this new blood test could act as a miracle and help doctors to differentiate between patients who need to undergo treatment from those who are completely cured.

TB is a bacterial disease that causes cough and fever among patients. It is spreadable through droplets of sneeze and cough. If cured at an early stage, it can be completely treated and it’s spread can be stopped. The new blood test can help this process by providing accurate and good treatment to the infected patients and can bring a revolution.

The current tests don’t provide satisfactory resultsĀ  If if a person tests negative for TB, he or she can still have the disease as the tests are not very precise. This is a major problem.

The current tests and the new tests were compared and the results were shocking. The new tests had an accuracy rate of 94 percent whereas the old ones that 67 percent. From these results, we can understand how wonderful the new tests are.

Various scientists and doctors are demanding the implementation of these new tests throughout the world. These tests could drastically decrease the number of TB patients everywhere. As a large population suffers from TB, all the hospitals should be ordered to start practicing these new tests.

These tests can reduce the price for the cure of TB as they are very accurate. These tests can tell whether a person needs further treatment or not and save his / her money.

So let’s hope these tests get implemented soon so that the disease can be cured effectively.