Permanent Hair Dyes and Straightener may increase the risk of Breast Cancer, reveals study!

A recent analysis just predicted the danger of using permanent hair dyes on black women.

There has been always a discussion among the scientists that whether using hair dyes is safe or not but has never really reached any conclusions.

However, recent analysis just revealed that black women have an increased chance of suffering from cancer if they are using hair dyes and hair straightener regularly. The risk is about 60 percent more!

It was not the same case with white women. They are not at risk of suffering from cancer from the dyes. The reason for this is unclear however till now. But most probably it is because the skin of white women does not absorb the dyes.

The constant use of hair straightener was also found to increase breast cancer risk by 30 percent.

However, the researchers have revealed that there is no solid proof that these results are true at all. The research was conducted among very few women and that too they were not tracked regularly.

The risk was also found to be very little. The data that they got has been converted to relative risks which makes it so large. And there is no evidence that these results are accurate.

True or not, hair dyes are not a good thing to do regularly. It damages the hair very much. So they are not to be used too much.