New research reveals that Common Cold Virus can Travel through Placenta and Infect the Fetus!

Recent studies have found out that the common cold virus can infect the foetus too!

The unborn are not safe! The study revealed that the infection can spread from the mother into the child inside her. Previously, the placenta was considered to be impermeable for the infection but actually it is not so.

The researchers carried out the experiment with the help of placentas that were donated. They placed the placentas in an environment containing the virus and found out that the placenta is not safe from it.

They also found out that the infected cells don’t just die away, they enter the liver of the foetus and infect other cells!  All this increases the probability of having asthma before birth only!

Placenta, which is used by the mother’s body to transfer food and nutrients to the foetus can now act as a source of disease transmission too! Many viruses can break their defense mechanism and enter the system of the baby.

However, it was also found that not all the cells of the placenta show permeability to the virus, only some specific cells show no resistance against them.

Many infected cells that travel through the placenta start replicating themselves inside the fetus and infect the baby which can lead to diseases in early childhood.

So it is advised to all the would-be mothers to stay safe and take care of themselves properly as any deterioration in their health will affect the baby too.