Herpus virus may contribute to Multiple Sclerosis, reveals study!

New research has revealed that the herpes virus may lead to the development of multiple sclerosis!

The research was conducted among almost 9000 people who suffered from multiple sclerosis and 7000 people who did not. The results were shocking.

Scientists found out that those suffering from multiple sclerosis had more than 50 percent chances of having the herpes virus in their bodies! There are two variants of this virus that are known to hurt the body in different ways!

Also, it was also noted that the younger the people are, the more is the risk of multiple sclerosis!

Multiple sclerosis is a serious disease that targets the nervous system of the body causing fatigue and causes the muscles to move involuntarily. The person would not have any control over the tremors!

The multiple sclerosis virus attacks the immune system of the body in such a way that it starts hurting the body rather than protecting it. Now herpes viruses are also contributing to this disease!

Herpes virus is present among a large population of children below 2-3 years old! They infect the cells in the brain and cause dysfunction in the body. It is now the first priority of the scientists to find out how exactly is herpes virus contributing to sclerosis!

Moreover, it would be very painful to see small children suffering from sclerosis as generally the amount of herpes virus is more in them. According to the studies these children are at stake as young people are more vulnerable to catching multiple sclerosis!