Health Risks Of Vaping: Increasing & Spreading Across The Country; Doctors Warn About Its Danger

Your vaping habit would cause serious illness claimed by the recently released report of the Center for Disease Contol & Prevention (CDC).

CDC released Interim Clinical Guidance claimed that serious lung injury caused by the use of e-cigarettes or other vaping products.

EVALI is a term that an agency framed for “e-cigarette or vaping use associated lung injury illness.”

CDC MD, and Principle deputy director Anne Schuchat talking on the seriousness of vaping said that lung injury associated with the vaping product is a critical issue, we are learning more about its consequences but we must also take steps to prevent any further damage related to it.

Health Risks Of Vaping: Increasing & Spreading Across The Country; Doctors Warn About Its Danger 1
Anne Schuchat

As reported by the health officials, not only the lung problems arise but also other unknown health problems caused due to it and some of them would lead to death. Vaping related illness cases reached more than 1000, in which 26 people reported dead.

The patients with vaping illness increasing since the past week, on one side new patients are reported sick and hospitalized, while old ones are readmitting for their illness. And in which 47% of people admitted to the intensive care unit.

Seeing the increased number of vaping cases Anne Schuchat said, ‘We are not seeing a meaningful drop off in cases.’ 

CDC officials are finding which chemical or device is responsible for people’s illnesses.

The Food and Drug Administration already collected and stated testing samples from the products which patients were using for vaping from 23 US states.

According to the CDC data, more than 70% of patients were using THC contained products, compound founded in Marijuana. It was also reported THC could be responsible but not included in all cases.

Schuchat believes it would take several more months before finally knowing the cause behind it, that it may involve more than one root cause behind the illness. ‘I do think the phenomena we’re seeing is going to have an explanation, but it may not be tomorrow.’