HEALTH ALERT!!! Adenovirus outbreak at Wisconsin College

Students and everyone is pretty tensed and anxious about this news. This virus is like a fever flu, which spreads throughout the campus. This, in turn, lets everyone get this flu.

“We see adenovirus all year round,” said Shawn Ekstrom, the senior physician and medical director from UW-Oshkosh’s Medical Center. “It’s one of the viruses that cause the common cold, and we’re seeing a lot of common colds right now.” This is how the reaction of the people there. It is quite common there. It is also obvious from it that, it is seen every year.

Even the officials reported how two students at UW Oshkosh were already with the virus because their test results show positive to this virus.

The virus is similar to flu but more dangerous as it can affect the respiratory organs. It can also cause diarrhea, pink eye, pneumonia and even to the stage of death.

Ekstrom has been testing these on students to see if any of them are affected by this dangerous flu. According to their influenza sample, it has been seen that out of 6 people, 2 has been affected with adenovirus.

We see a fair amount of pink eye,” Ekstrom added. “Have we this year? Absolutely. Did we last year? Absolutely. Those are things you see when you have a cluster of people together that live together and share common areas.”

But different states have different reactions towards it and not everyone took it too a serious outburst problem or an issue about it. Winnebago County Health supervisor, Kim Goffard says that the latest news is that 263 samples have been taken for testing but out of the 10 came out to be the positive ones. Though it is an increase over the month, the county is not really that much concerned or stressed about it. In fact, they are taking the news in a much more calm way.