Genophobia: A less talked fear!!

Everything in the rapid revolution is about sex without sex. The most fatal thing a man can do is try to stand alone in fear of all sex acts or only of intercourse itself.

Like all phobias, the fear of sex is most likely to develop after severe agony. We usually consider rape and molestation were the reasons behind it but never considered the cultural upbringings and so-called religious teachings. The triggered insecurities are of any identifiable causes, whether it includes body images, construction, or even medical concerns. The fundamental violence of one’s body and mind leads to intense psychological reactions. Even the members of the family are unaware of the dilemma that continues towards recession.

The path through agony is intensely personal and may take anywhere from months to years and somewhere lifetime to fully resolve. The fear can develop when people transit from one set of beliefs and practices to the other. Remaining guilt, self-doubt, or fear of breaking the old bonds lead towards the phobias.

The fear of intercourse even carries numerous diseases, including fatal HIV. The awareness of such successfully balances the risk to the acceptance level. People usually feel that sex is nasty,  painful, and even not worthy. They even develop the fear that is far out of proportion to the level of risk, and that further leads to contractions.

Battling the fear of sex is never an easy task until and unless one has a reliable source. Many people feel shame and embarrassment to share personal phobia. The treatment may run through a painful process but yields to be on the charming side. Sex is the most beautiful feeling in the world as far the trust, belief, and faith coincide. A sexy imagination is more preferred over a dirty mind.