“Designer babies ” are not going to happen anytime soon! Research reveals that medical science does not have enough knowledge to make it possible!

Though scientists hinted that there may be a way to modify genes and insert certain qualities in them, it is still a long way to go.

New research conducted about this revealed that even if scientists have discovered how to manipulate genes, they do not know how to insert certain specific traits in them. There are numerous genes responsible for the various characteristics that humans have and they don’t know which is responsible for which.

Moreover, there has been no practical evidence that this experiment will be successful. The scientists have only theoretically hinted at the possibility of its happening. A computer-generated experiment was conducted which showed that there is a way to modify genes. Now whether it can be applied to real humans still remains a mystery.

Even if they do fertilize a specific embryo having similar qualities that they want, the chances of its survival are still very small. Human genes are much more complex than they appear. Though it is possible to remove some genes that are dysfunctional and not good, choosing an embryo for just some other qualities is a very difficult job.

The research also revealed that the experiment could also give completely different results from the expected one. Maybe the scientist finds the gene they want and inserts it in the embryo, there is no assurance that it will give the proper results. There is a great possibility that it would give the opposite trait!

Scientists also revealed that they did try to choose an embryo having the required qualities. But when the fetus was born, it was not the correct match. It is very much difficult to identify which gene is perfect for the specific desired traits and thus the so-called “designer babies ” are still a long way to go. But our medical science will surely find out some way to make this impossible possible!