Deep Sleep can Calm your Anxious Brain; Know its benefits here!!!

According to researchers and scientists, the type of sleep most appropriate to calm and reset the anxious brain is deep sleep, also known by non-rapid eye movement abbreviated (NREM) slow-wave sleep a state where heart rates and blood pressure drops.

A sleepless night can cause a 30% rise in anxiety levels, researchers from the University of California said that they have identified a new function of a deep sleep, due to which there is decrease anxiety overnight by reorganizing connections in the brain.

A series of experiments using functional MRI and polysomnography, among other measures were performed by researchers who scanned the brains of eighteen young adults. They viewed emotionally binding video clips after a full night of sleep and repeated after a sleepless night.

From the reports after a night of no sleep, brain scans showed a shutdown of the medial prefrontal cortex, which generally helps in keeping our anxiety in check.
The conclusion that is made from all the participants showed that those who got more nighttime deep sleep, experienced the lowest levels of anxiety the next day.