Biological clock diet more effective in controlling sugar, reveals study.

A new study has revealed that eating according to the biological clock can prove to be very beneficial for diabetic people.

Generally for keeping the sugar level under control, doctors advise the patients to go for six meals a day, the amounts not being too much. This helps to control insulin production.

But now, new research has revealed that instead of curing, it can cause more problems for the person. The person may need to undergo more intense treatment instead of getting any relief.

So according to the new research, eating according to the body clock i.e three large meals daily are sufficient for the body and actually can help regulate the insulin level more properly.

Six meals a day have not caused any help in the sugar treatment till now and doctors have to prescribe additional supplements and medicines to the patients.


Three meals a day are very effective in causing weight loss and reducing the sugar content, unlike the six meals practice.

In addition to this, three meals a day were also found to be effective in controlling the risk of heart attacks and many other diseases.