Getting an Emotional Support Animal Online

As open conversations are helping to break down stigmas around mental health, more people are finding resources to get the help they need. One of those resources is the support of an emotional support animal.

Millions of people benefit from the loving support of emotional support animals. And while in the past, you had to go to your local shelter and see a certified mental health professional in person, nowadays, you can do all of this online.

Here, we’ll share how you can get an ESA and do so in the comfort of your home. Whether you have agoraphobia and don’t want to venture into public or you just don’t have time to look in person, getting an ESA online can help you. Read on and discover how these incredible animals can transform your challenging situation.

Step 1: Obtain the ESA Letter

The critical document you need to prove your eligibility for an emotional support animal is an ESA letter.

Wondering who can write an ESA letter? Thankfully, the answer is quite broad: any licensed mental health professional can assist you in your journey. The LMHP will assess your needs and use that information to determine your eligibility.

The letter states the condition that qualifies you for the ESA and has the LMHP’s information. When you are getting ready to talk to a healthcare professional, it might be best to have research outlining the extensive benefits of pet companionship.

You can complete this entire process online. Nowadays, with telehealth options, your assessment and letter purchase can take place via the internet.

Step 2: Acquire a Suitable Pet 

You may already have a pet that you want to sign up as an ESA. If not, you can acquire a pet online, too.

Many services now have online pet adoption. You can sort your options by species, area, and other filters. And with ESAs, you can have your pick of animals. Unlike service animals, any pet can become an ESA.

While service animals and ESAs are support animals, there are legal differences between the two. One of the differences between the two kinds of animals is that only dogs, monkeys, and miniature horses can become service animals, but any pet can become an ESA.

Step 3: Register Your ESA

Once you have your ESA letter and newly certified pet, your pet is official! The next step is to register it, which you can do online.

Registration confers certain rights to your companion that extend beyond the norm otherwise afforded to pets. These expanded rights can include access to housing even if the landlord has a no-pets policy and reasonable accommodations in public settings. Some airlines may also let you fly with an ESA for no charge, though not all. It’s best to do your research.


ESA ownership offers so many benefits for mental health. And now, thanks to technology, you can get an ESA online, from the letter to the pet and the registration. Start your search today.