Skatecity: The Skateboard Game which keeps Fans on Toes Despite the Awaited Arrival in its entirety

Skatecity, a skateboard game that is yet to be released with its entirety. In 2010 skate 3 was released and up for the fans to access. Despite the Crea-ture Studios’ Session looked a good one to play by the fans and gamers awaiting the full release, there’s something that has been more exciting and attractive about the game more than its skating genre, which is the release of the full game.

The developer of the game is Agents Games, in addition to being published by Snowman and was initially supposed to be out by & October 2019. Apple users can have easy access to the game as it is available on gaming platforms in Macintosh Operating Systems.

Reviews of the game

The game was highly awaited by the fans due to the limelights that it received initially and got heat from others who like gaming. Despite the wait, the game has not been living up to the expectations of the gamers and has a lot to improve on for them to really enjoy the game.

The game has all the basic features like moving right, left, in-game currency with which one can buy the essentials for the game that will help them get better at the same and after fair play, they can unlock various levels of the game with the presence of levels in the game like any other gaming app would have. The different characters that a gamer can choose between, although it doesn’t seem much, yet is a great compliment to the gamers when it comes to their comfort of playing the game a certain way they want to play it in.

 The game is added to the aesthetics and the ease at playing when the features like flip, garb, grinds, etc can be accessed with the movement of the fingers and not with buttons that make it tiresome.