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Marvel’s Spiderman Remastered looks stunning on PS5 with a brand new Peter, new suits and more! Check it out.

The new Sony PS5 is one big launch the gamers are desperately waiting for. In addition, all the games will also come up with new updates and features. One such game, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered will also get some new features and the makers, Insomniac games have shared all the details about the new features.

The community director of the company, James Stevenson wrote in a blog post mentioning the details regarding the improvement in the game’s performance. Moreover, he also informed that accurate reflections are added to the game by the efforts of ray tracing. And the most interesting part is that we will get a brand new face capture model by Peter Parker.

Well, let’s now talk about the face value in the game. Previously, it was John Bubniak in the original game but now, to match Peter Parker’s level they have decided to make Ben Jordan Peter Parker’s face model in the PS5 console. He has made the game look incredible and has also given a new life to the performance of Yuri.

However, it’s quite weird to see Peter looking younger than Miles Morales. Now you must be thinking why is it so weird? The answer is because Miles and Peter have a six years age difference. But the final judgement can be given about the experience only after the game lands.

Bit, there are some pre launching good news for all the gamers. According to the confirmations made by the official team, it’ll bring a revamped photo mode. Moreover, the game also targets 60 frames every second for Spiderman. And it doesn’t end here. We will also get a spatial 3D audio and many more new features.

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