Light Nightmares: The Game with Which Gamers Share a Love-Hate Relationship has Arrived with Second Version – A Review

Light nightmare is a famous horror game series that is loved and hated by a lot of people at the same time. Recently the 2nd version was launched after the first one.  The light nightmares 2 is the same as light nightmare one but has improved quality and functions. The second version was released in 2020 in the month of March. It is a continuing series for the first one, it is a sequel. 

The trailer/ news is available for the version.


Is it even worth the buy? Yes the game is worth the buy and also doesn’t cost much. But this game brings forward a horror series which is sure to be liked by everyone. Talking about the plot of the game, it is about a little girl. 

Reviews reveal this game and the new version is addictive. Children can’t stop playing this game, say, parents. Even children have completed playing it once and starting for the second time. It is an informative and different game from the others.It is not that scary as it seems. Every scene is different, and is shown in different places- be it a kitchen, bathroom, toy room, etc. Also this time there is a new character in the series. 

                                               pic credits- heavy news


Different places make the game more interesting and fun to play. According to other sources, it is a very entertaining game to play. What makes it special is the amazing set up and the great characters. 

The response from the audience about the game has mostly been positive which gives you an idea that you might want to try playing this game. There is a lot of suspense in the game as well, for which it is recommended to you to watch it and give your views.