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League Play will be soon added to Black Ops Cold War in Q1 2021 a leaker claims

With the yearly delivery cycle gradually discovering its way back to the top, Black Ops Cold War has been formally uncovered and subtleties are beginning to spill out, be it through true sources or from leakers and information diggers.

While players anticipate that the Cold War should be an outstanding shift away from the Modern Warfare style of play, one significant change fans have been intensely discussing is the move among scorestreaks and killstreaks.

As leaker Tom Henderson (some time ago known as YouTuber Long Sensation) depicts, we may be getting a lot of new scorestreaks this year — including the arrival of some expert weapons from Black Ops 3 and 4 as streaks themselves.

Henderson influenced from uncovering particular dates in spite of the fact that Season 1 is set to finish up on February 24, making it likely that the hotly anticipated positioned playlist will land at that point.

Positioned playlists have been prevailing in Call of Duty since Black Ops 2, albeit Modern Warfare changed things up with their CDL playlist, a lot to the consternation of the reliable serious player base.


This would be an intriguing change to the game and would keep content new as the year goes on, and could be actualized occasionally like how new guides, weapons and game modes as has been happening in Modern Warfare.


Clearly, likewise, with all breaks, take the entirety of this data with a spot of salt. While Henderson has been solid before and precisely spilt data with respect to Cold War, that doesn’t mean it is a dead conviction, particularly with how much of the time scorestreaks can change in the improvement cycle and relying upon how later an assemble his data is from.

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