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Latest Batman game teaser is out and Talons are confirmed! Check out for all updates.

The new batman game by WB Montreal is gonna get unveiled officially at DC Fandom. Meanwhile, WB is not missing the chance to tease the fans and create a hype among them with help of a few codes, mysterious symbols and photographs. And it has been successful in doing so.

There was a scrambled code released along with a scrambled picture that needs to be coded to get all the information. And it showed the reality about the unveiling of the new batman game.

But the mysteries doesn’t end here. There’s are a number of more hints and puzzles released by the creators. Once the previous message was decoded by the fans they released another black and white photo and again some hints were given through it. But again it also required decoding.

There seemed to be an Owl talons in the picture which again suggests about the assassins of the comics and the lethal Talon of the Court of Owls employs.

For people who aren’t aware about this, the company Court of Owl has been in existent for more than over a century. It is situated in the Gotham City. Functioning of the company is all about dealings of underground level to circles of excessive society and politics. However, for any issues that arise, they need to go to the Talons.

And if you do not know who Talons are, they are expert assassins. In addition, they are also expert in using sniper rifle as well as swords. From a very young age they are trained for such tasks. However, they do not need to be a part of it throughout their life. So aren’t you excited to hear about the new batman and the Talons?

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