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Gamers are Up for a Surprise as Xbox Announces a Major Event this summer

It has been in the horizon since Bethesda joined Xbox Studios

Xbox confirms that they will be holding an event of some sort later this summer. However, the news wasn’t entirely surprising since the game publisher has a trend of holding some kind of major showcase every year around this time. But this time, it’s still going to be a little different. Now that Bethesda has joined Xbox Game Studios, something big is going to come out of this partnership.

What this could mean


The first time the summer event was mentioned was during the new roundtable between the Xbox and Bethesda members. Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg and Bethesda’s Erin Losi stated that they were currently in the planning stages of a summer showcase, but didn’t say when it was taking place. Apart from that, nothing more was divulged, so it remains to be seen what they’re planning.

Of course, an upcoming event means major game announcements. Big names like Halo Infinite and  Psychonauts 2 are both set to release this year, but other titles’ release seem bleak at this point. Xbox Game Studios projects like Fable, State of Decay 3, Hellblade 2, and Perfect Dark are all in the pipeline, and we are at least a year too early to receive any word from them.

Bethesda’s own projects


However, Bethesda has some major projects that are waiting to be unveiled, such as The Elder Scrolls VI, and Starfield. We can’t say for sure if that’s what’s going to be revealed or if it’s too early for that as well. But make sure to watch the event and see what they’re planning to show.

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