Game Dev Tycoon: play the highest rated business simulation video game ever! Here are all the details you need to know.

Some games like Game Dev Tycoon are so much suitable for playing on mobile phones. When the game first got onto mobile, players could not believe that it wasn’t already present on it. The amazing Game Dev Tycoon was launched on PCs in 2012. And today also, even after so many years, the game is still popular among the fans.

The game has been made with clever writing and includes genuine suspense. All these have made it a really addictive game for the players. Although the game took some time to update it’s version and come one mobile, it was worth the wait.

The game starts with one person developing a game in his basement with the help of a computer, and the only facility he has is his mind full of great ideas. However, it’s easier to develop a game in the game than in actual life. The player just opens a menu and hits a few buttons to select the topic, genre and platform. And the game is developed after adjustment of some sliders.

After you have made the game it is shipped and then you get the reviews about it. It can be seen through a bar on the right of the screen. It shows the how much the game is being sold and based on it, the players get to perform on the next title. Well, isn’t the game pretty much simple?

However, the game is also really phenomenal and the players spend hours playing the game. The presentation and core gameplay is also simple but exciting. And you celebrate every success and it’s so enjoyable and exciting. For those who have already played the game, the mobile version is also similar to the earlier one. And for those who haven’t played it, you must give it a try.