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Fortnite Witch Broom: How can you Search for it & Complete the Challenge? Complete Guide Below

Desperate to know everything about the Fortnite Witch Broom? We all have wondered about its existence at least ones. Where and how will we find it? Also you can travel upto 100 meters on it. Isn’t it a really interesting fact? Well, I know your answer is yes. So without much ado let’s know all the details about it.

Fortnitemares 2020 is has arrived before it was scheduled to be. From the previous two years epic games have released Halloween-themed Fortnite event just a few days before Halloween arrives. And this year the game is gonna have some difference.

This year the event is named Midas’ Revenge. It will be featuring Midas as a boss. However, the game mode will be normal fortnite only. And the most exciting thing is that players get an opportunity to complete the challenges and win free fortnight cosmetics and XP.

One challenge from Fortnitemares 2020 makes the players travel on a witch broom on fortnite for 100 meters. So do you want to complete this challenge quickly and avail the free fortnite cosmetics? Well, then keep reading to find out how you can get it.

You can find the witch broom near the Fortnite map. But but but, there’s a twist in it. You’ll not get it so easily. You’ll not find it in normal chest or floor loot. Instead, the players will have to search for a wooden barrel which contains a witch broom. The witch broom resembles the barrel which contains fishing rods.

It looks like the players will be able to get a witch broom at Witch shacks as it is placed all around the Fortnite map but this isn’t the case, you will find a wooden barrel outside a shack which contains the brooms.

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