Fan of puzzle arcade games? Pac man might just be your favourite! Read to know all details on the game and our review on it.

Pac-man has always been one of the most popular mobile game of all the time. The best part of the game is that it is enjoyed by all sections of the society, whether it be adults, teens and children as well. The players need to gobble the dots on the screen. The game’s android version is an early major release by Namco, and this was quite a surprise for everyone.

However, the more surprising fact is that Namco has given its iconic yellow ball for the market service. Thus, at least for now you can download it for free. Well, it’s quite a brave move by some popular developer for the game that is already so famous.

Now don’t you want to know how Pac-Man works on the G1 Android-prototype? The classic mazey gameplay is being adapted by Namco for the game. However, presentation of the game on Android is quite simple but really cool. It looks better than how it did previously on the large and bright screens with the spare real estate present in bottom for showing the graphical representation of the classic arcade cabinet joystick of G1.

Pac-man has made it’s place in our hearts amid all those fancy analogue technology games. Although it’s a binary age game in which you just go up, down, left and right people play it with great interest. However, it becomes a mess in the G1 when you return back to the default position. The game finds it as a turn in the opposite side.

But this game has always been a great, free of charge game for the early Android adopters. Thus, I would recommend you to download pac-man and enjoy this slice of history.